Contest rules Participate


  1. Presentation:
  2. Participants:
    In this contest will have the following categories, in which they may participate all amateur photographers: [CATEGORIAS]
  3. Topic:
    The work submitted must revolve around the name defined in the competition and the presentation above, it may be rejected if unrelated to these topics.
  4. Submit photos:
    Photos submitted must be original and unique, not having ever submitted to another contest, especially valuing creativity and taking care of them their suitability and expressiveness in relation to the topic of this contest.
  5. Size and presentation:
    The size of the work will be free with the only requirement of their presentation through this web in digital format whose extension must be: ".jpg", ".bmp", ".gif" or ".png". Winners may be required to send a photo in original resolution to establish authenticity. If no original is produced, the work may be disqualified
  6. Technique:
    The technique employed may be free.
  7. Data:
    The data must be completed at the time of uploading of the work. It will be required during the registration process in, and may not appear on behalf of other persons not registered.
  8. Jury:
    The jury will be formed by a group of experts chosen by the organizer of the competition.
  9. Period for submission:
    The period for submission of photos begin on [DATE OF PARTICIPATION] and end on [ENDING DATE OF PARTICIPATION].
  10. Period of selection of finalists:
    The voting period of finalists by the jury begins on [DATE OF FINALISTS] after the deadline for submission of photos, ending the [DEADLINE TO VOTE FINALISTS] and the result will be notified to all participants and posted on this website.
  11. Period of selection of winners:
    The selection of winners by the jury begins on [DATE OF WINNERS]and ends on [DEADLINE TO VOTE WINNERS].The result will be notified to all participants and posted on this website.
  12. Awards:
    Following the criteria of the jury the following awards are established by category: [AWARDS]

Participation in this contest implies the acceptance of all the rules expressed herein.